Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alpha Flight

One of my all time favorite teams of superheroes not only because I am Canadian but because the characters are all unique and fit together nicely. Its a crime that in our country where such great cartoons as 'Atomic Betty' can get produced that we don't have a J Bone designed animated series based on this group. This image alone speak volumes on the talent of Mr Bone. Personally I would have liked to see Marinna added but we can quibble later over story meetings. In my cartoon, Alpha Flight would be the older, more experienced heroes who work with the military and Canadian government and train the next group of younger heroes on their way up. The Alpha Flight Universe has so many amazing characters that you would never run out of Beta Flighters eager to join the main squad. There, I just wrote season one for you. We live in the golden age for superhero cartoons. If there was one thing I wish my blog could do it would be for it to be seen by those who have the juice to shepherd such a project to completion. As a kid we had few truly Canadian heroes to admire and the marketing potential alone on this one would pay for the cartoon several times over.

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Zacery Nova said...

I LOVE Alpha Flight, their powers were so cool and their enemies wacky. Such a good old-school series, comparable (perhaps better than) X-Men.