Sunday, May 16, 2010

Survivor Finale

I sit here annoyed that Russell did not win the title of 'sole survivor' on this cycle's 'Heroes vs Villains'. He clearly had the best game play against the best players to ever play the game. The game was set up so that you HAD to lie and cheat and scrap your way to the top. Russell was evil but an evil genius. However, he cannot claim to be the best player ever without a win under his belt.

I so hope that he gets to run the 'Amazing Race' next. They brought Jeff and Jordan over from 'Big Brother' and all three shows are on CBS. Russell's wife looks very fit so they would be an awesome team. Let Russell loose on the world and lets see what happens.

The flaw in Survivor is that the petty petty jury can take away the victory from the person that most deserves the win. They carry resentments with them and have robbed many of the title. But I guess that is what makes the show so great. You have to play ALL elements - challenges, strategy, the social game - in equal measure to insure your victory.

Sandra has won twice now. Did she deserve it? In my opinion, NO. Both Russell and Parviti had a harder road to haul and were stronger at challenges and strategy. But neither Russell nor Parviti was able to create the loyalty in the jury that is really what wins you this game.

Sandra stayed pretty much under the radar for most of the game. She's tough but she sucks at challenges. Her ability to stay loyal, however, is what won it for her this round. She made no enemies in a game that is set up so that you have to make them.

I hate that in the end that kept my boy Russell from getting the title. He was great and made the last two cycles the best ever. I wish his evil heart well. Oh, and Sandra owes you a new hat. She can afford it now.

Sigh. Annoyed. Whatcha gonna do?


M. D. Jackson said...
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M. D. Jackson said...

I don't watch Survivor. But I would watch a season if it was set in the Frozen North.

You know where I'm talking about. You've probably been there. Hell, I grew up there in the snowy northern latitudes of our home and native land.

The ratings would plummet, of course, because the women would not be able to go around half-naked. But I would watch those hapless people, that dysfunctional group who always seem to come from mild temperate zones in the USA.

I would watch them try to survive frostbite and numbing cold. I would sit back and laugh and take bets on when they would start eating each other just to survive.

Now that's entertainment.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree. They would have to wear see through snow gear. But it would always end the same way. The person I most wanted to be eaten by a Polar Bear wouldn't be and the person I liked the most would have been speared by a narwhal's tusk. It is any wonder I am always unhappy?

Drake said...

I was thinking that i'd love to see Russell on Amazing Race.

Russell has been robbed twice now. Am i the only person who cannot stand Rupert?

The Invisible Seductress said...

I do think Russell is clearly the better player/manipulator. But ya can't knock Parvarti either. And Sandra did have balls in a lot of situations, she DID put herself on the line quite a few times and had to scramble back. Just my opinion. If winning the game means KNOWING it will end up being a social game in the end,,, who really did "play" better? The one who took all aspects of that into consideration and won twice with the SAME strategic play??? Or the one who LOST twice with the SAME strategic play? Russel got to the end both times simply because everyone WANTED to go final 3 with HIM because the jury would never vote for him..He will ALWAYS make final 3 for THAT reason...Not discrediting his intelligence or level of game play but this is a valid point I think...Well it was just me and my plant bitching about it last night so I am sorry I rambled here!!

I heart Cal!

Oh yes,,, Russel on Amazing Race....brilliant,,although his wife would probably divorce him after it...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You are totally correct Seductress. I just didn't want to see it. Sandra DID win twice and winning is what makes you great. I was charmed by that magnificent bastard but you are right. He did lose twice. I can see how you would hate him on the island. If you had to eat coconuts and unrippened bananas for 39 days AND had to poop in the jungle AND had Russell around, well you would be forgiven for taking it out on him at the end.

Jaquandor said...

I couldn't disagree more, but I've got a blog post of my own in draft form which will make my reasoning clear! Yay Sandra!

(I don't know how much Russell's antics would help out on Amazing Race, because there aren't a whole lot of opportunities on that show to mess other teams up, except for U-turns. I remember one team a season or two back decided to try a bit of sabotage at one of the roadblocks, and that backfired on them big-time when Phil made them sit out a two hour penalty.)

Megan said...

I kinda sorta didn't predict this at all, but I'm pretty sure most of my comments have been pro-Sandra...