Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ravishing In Red

This week the League writing assignment is entitled, Photo Assignment: I’m seeing red!

I was thinking about what photos I would post when a bunch of pictures of Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair showed up on my Tumblr dashboard. The Tumblr gods deliver again when I need some inspiration.


If you want to see what other Leaguers posted, you can go HERE.
...and my favorite League post of the week goes to Jaime at Shezcrafti - 21 Red-iculous, Ran­dom Things (You Might Not Know) About Me. Check out the cool graphics she made to go with the post.


Unknown said...

damn... that is... well damn!

Kal said...

Claire is one Playmate I will always remember because she is so cute and so unlike most of the generic blondes that they run through that mill. She's got that Barbie Benton look.

david_b said...

Barbie Benton was 'THE QUEEN'..!

Just one of the loveliest ladies ever.