Tuesday, September 3, 2013

League Of Extraordinary Bloggers

This week the League asks us to introduce ourselves. Anyone who has been here awhile already knows all about me. Here are the highlights for any newbies...
1. I will not eat any dairy product that I have not personally opened.

2. I can tell when the phone is going to ring. Sometimes a second or more before it does but always in time to say "phone".

3. I can smell metals or all kinds even when they don't appear to give off any odor. Gold and Silver 'smell' different to me.

4. I once ate lobster with Prince Charles at the World Scout Jambouree in P.E.I. (1977) while pretending that I could speak German so that he wouldn't be embarassed.

5. Twice I have seen things in the night sky that I can't explain though I don't believe in UFOs.

Other Leaguers

Miss M post about herself (with an adorable pic) and her love for action figures.

Erik introduced himself and shares some of his artwork.

The Holidaze - talked about his great life.


John Sholtz said...

I forgot I once had the ability to know the phone was going to ring before it does. I wonder what happened to cause me to lose that power. I used to be able to tell people what time it was without looking at a clock too. Both abilities were probably related.

Kal said...

I think it has something to do with the land lines. Maybe I can sense the connection being made electronically. The clock thing is neat.

Michael Lynn P. said...

Oh my goodness I love these facts about you! Very fun and interesting. I feel like there are times when I have felt like the phone was going to ring before it does. Maybe we're mutants? Wouldn't that be cool?

Kal said...

If we are mutants our powers are pretty lame. I can yell PHONE! How does that defeat Magneto?

Derek Ash said...

Well... if it's a race between the X-Men and the Brotherhood to be the first to answer a telephone (I'm imagining some sort of bizarre death-trap in a team-up between Arcade and Mojo) then you would absolutely be the mutant they would tap. It... could happen.

Derek Ash said...

Also, awesome list! I also think your mutant power to sniff out precious metals would be useful in a gold-rush situation. Love the blog!