Monday, September 1, 2014

Intruders (2014)

"What goes around, comes around."

I watched the first two episodes on BBC America and I think I almost got everything figured out...or do I? The little girl who is playing one of the lead characters is fantastic. She can switch between personalities (like she is supposed to) at a moment's notice. The actress literally becomes another person. I am having fun with this one as it doesn't let go of it's secrets too easily or quickly to be sure.

I am just better than most at spotting the little clues that support my theory that these Intruders are immortal beings inhabiting human bodies. They can jump from body to body but need to be awoken from their old life to realize who they REALLY are. They can lie dormant for decades and older personalities can sometimes emerge. These personalities can be centuries old. The little girl was woken too early to her original self. It's like her 'real' personality has a mission to accomplish but even she is unaware of what that mission is. Now she will have a choice to make. Which side will she choose and what will that mean for the rest of us? We'll see if I get it right.

I think this one will get me in the mood to finally tackle some Orphan Black. That one also seems right up my alley.

Only eight episodes for the first season. I like short seasons like this the most. I haven't found anything to turn me off the story yet. I just want to be entertained. I want to enjoy some cool plot ideas along the way and I want someone good to live to the end. I expect most others to die but not without some kind of heroic sacrifice. The bad should also get fully what is coming to them. I just want to see something that moves me and surprises me a little without boring me to tears.

This one has the right kind of menace to propel the story forward. I like how I get to figure things out a few minutes before the characters on the show do.



j-swin said...

Hey Kal, sorry, this has nothing to do with the tv show but I just got one of my holy grail figures and I knew you would appreciate that. Great posts lately, keep up the awesome work.

Kal said...

Well you have to tell me which figure that is.

j-swin said...

the terry dodson wonder woman series 1 figure, been looking for year for one under $100, found it on ebay for a cool $67.