Friday, October 3, 2014

More Cool Movies For October

Near Dark - Saw this one as the third movie at a drive in and it was one of the best vampire movies I have ever seen. Bill Paxton is terrifically frightening.

Leviathan - Any movie set at the bottom of the ocean always freaks me out because at anytime the pressure can crush everything to nothing. Monsters in enclosed spaces are always interesting. To this genre I add the classic Alien and not so classic Deep Star Six. Alien was the first movie I ever took a girl to. Tara held onto me so tight that I thought she would break my skin with her nails. The pain was the best suffering I ever had.

The Thing - There was something about watching this movie in a cold movie theatre that made the experience all the more terrifying. The fact that ANYONE at ANYTIME could be an alien shape shifter still makes me look at others with suspicion.

Deep Blue Sea - Mutated sharks fight the dumbest survivors ever. I can't get enough or these man vs monster movies. The weirder the sea creature the better.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Never realized just how many underwater terror movies there truly are. Deep Blue Sea had the good sense to play it straight but still be smart. Self parody would have shot it in the foot.

Mike said...

The Thing is such an incredible movie. I have not seen the remake/prequel, i'm kind of scared to