Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sad Day For Th Canadian Cadet Movement

Breaking news: the Canadian Cadet Program has been suspended indefinitely at a national level in the face of the terrorist threat to cadets.
The Chief of Reserves and Cadets has finally issued a CanCdtGen Bureaucrat Order suspending the Canadian Cadet Program indefinitely.
While today's dithering, and the conflicting direction across the various RCSUs, Detachments, corps and squadrons has been a national embarrassment in the face of a need for decisive action, we applaud the... final decision to suspend the cadet program indefinitely in the face of the credible threat of terror against all Canadian cadets.
I remember the great times I have spent as an air cadet. Granted, times have changed but shutting down the training of young men and women to become good citizens can't be a good thing. I learned so much as a cadet from ages 13 to 18 that I am convinced it made me a better man and teacher. I learned how to work with others from all across Canada to accomplish tasks in survival and search and rescue. Those old school lessons can not be lost.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that is very unfortunate. Cadets does a lot of kids a lot of good.