Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top Gift This Christmas Season

For the child that has everything this holiday season, except for a grasp of the diseases that can and possibly will kill us all, there’s Ebola. More specifically, there’s the Giant Microbes plush Ebola toy, which turns the deadly disease into a cute and cuddly learning tool that helps kids understand that while the furry fella might be a fun imaginary friend, it also represents “the T. Rex of microbes.” It sounds crazy, though, that a company is actually selling a stuffed Ebola toy, but it’s completely true. Well, it’s kind of true, because Giant Microbes isn’t technically selling them right now, due to the fact that they’re all sold out.
You humans never fail to entertain me.

1 comment:

DrGoat said...

They have just about every virus and bacteria in plush form too.
ps need to ask you one more time for your new gmail address. Getting looney in my old age.