Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I LOVES Me Some Invader Zim And Gir

Invader Zim, one of the strangest, most endearing series Nickelodeon released in the early aughts, is finally going to return to television in the form of a new TV movie.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Nickelodeon is moving ahead with the project, putting the series in the same category as Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life, which are also getting TV movies from the network. It’s all a part of the network’s devotion to celebrating 25 years of Nicktoons and providing new content for fans of the original series who are now in their 20s and 30s.
Invader Zim followed an alien named Zim who arrives on Earth with imperialistic ambitions to essentially conquer the human race and take over the planet. The series, which was applauded for its satirical take on society at the time, only ran for two seasons, but it developed a core group of fans who still love it to date.

I would go out to drink and have a nice basket of hot wings with my teaching peers every Friday night. It was my gift to myself for surviving another week in the snake pit. After I would get home around ten p.m. buzzed and full of good food I would crash on my couch and watch Invader Zim cartoons on YTV. It was the funniest and goofiest stuff ever but it really makes me laugh today so it's good to see that the material has held up. I am so looking forward to this new material. Zim was very funny and irreverent and worth your time if you want to take a chance on something really unique.