Sunday, November 5, 2017

Marvel's Inhumans - Episode 7

In the perfect world Maximus would be more evil and less righteous that he has any right to be. He is playing the maniac but he is too stupid to ever take seriously. His plan that people can go through teregenesis TWICE is totally against what makes the Inhuman's special. Everyone get's ONE shot at a good result. Sometimes, like with Maximus, it goes wrong and you get no powers which is almost worse than getting crappy powers.

I still hate Medusa without her hair and the actress playing her cannot handle the heavy role the show gives her. Without her hair she's just an actress trying to keep everyone from killing Maximus. Her voice of reason falls flatter than a lead balloon. I don't believe her for a second. Frankly she's a pain in the ass.

Keeping a great actor like Anson Mount from talking really hurt the show. It gave his 'queen' the chance to just mouth off with every complaint that enters her mind. I have yet to hear her say one positive thing or accept someone else's suggestion when it differs from her own. She is a serious buzz kill. I hate her.

Big surprise but not really a surprise at all by the return of another character. Black Bolt has some plan that doesn't make much sense at this point but who cares. You gotta go a bit full retard to make this high concept work. Maybe the show didn't think things all the way through. But I watch and I hope it all means something in the end.

I did like the one member of the Royal Family who is the assassin and takes out Maximus' guards. I always thought that was Karnak's job but apparently they found someone else to train for that necessary task. But I ask you. In a world as small as Atilan, how often does a Royal Assassin get called to do some wet work? Again, great idea until you think more about it for all of five seconds.

Speaking of Karnak, watching him figure out his attack and working every angle in front of us is still thrilling to see. I love watching his powers work.

I will admit that the show got better as the weeks went on and with the final episode coming next week I hope that we will see something fun and interesting and let this show go out on a high note with it's head held high. They shot for the moon and only managed to orbit the Earth before splashdown. The show was doomed from that start. That stupid IMAX promotion showed a pilot that was not up to IMAX standards. It was too ordinary to wow even TV viewers so the big screen did nothing but bring attention to all the flaws in the production.

So we now lumber on to the finale next week and we will see if anything can be salvage from this trainwreck. It was a child created by people with no love for the characters and the source material which was strong enough to handle the transition from the comic pages to network TV.


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