Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Octopus Kites Are The Devil

Go ahead. Take your loved ones to part to watch the pretty kites. "WOW, they are just like octopus. They are so COOL I just can't look away Dad. It's at that moment you have your family grab hold of each others hands and hold as tight as you can because in the middle of this sky dance whole families and children have gone missing. Plus the odd puppy and kitten that wandered to close. All the REAL Octopus would need would be a rented van and easy access to the ocean and you would be just another casualty in a war that none of you even know exists. If I had two weeks I couldn't explain to you all the ways that you are in danger from the Cephalopods because it would take weeks and there would be too many take home assignments to make it fun. So trust me. Anything with tentacles must always be viewed with suspicion. I am just trying to save you. I am trying to save all off you.