Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rampage - First Trailer

I loved the video game as a kid. All you had to do was pick a monster and smash every building on the screen. You could also eat any people that came around. Very few things threatened you so the quarter lasted an amazingly long time with this game. Did I mention you got to just smash things. This movie is just the kind of balloon juice that I have no defence against. Add Dwayne Johnson and I will come back from the dead to see this movie if I die. This is the kind of crap that people really want to see because it takes us away from all our current woes.


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Konsumterra said...

in game monsters were all human
wolf was a werewolf
lizzie was a woman
occasionally they would turn back and other monsters would eat them
all too small
still kaiju movies are the best movies