Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Punisher - Episode 2

I like that now Frank has a mission and reconnected with Karen Page (the luminous Deborah Anne Woll) and her impractical shoes. They had a great relationship in Daredevil Season II so of course she would be the first person that he would go to if he needed help or answers.

I like how she hurts for him and how she is the ONE person that MAYBE he could connect to. She's his chance back in the world. A world where he soon will have to kill a lot of people before he finds the truth he is searching for. I don't see him going back to seek comfort in her arms because that's not the kind of guy Frank Castle is.

One lesson MICRO - Don't ever try to run a game on Frank Castle. He never misses a trick. Never underestimate him or mistaken him for just some dumb grunt because that is when you die.

Again, this is a slow burn kind of show. Yes there are deaths but not yet in the mass that their should be. But don't worry. Frank is a patient man with the plan and his plan is scaring the shit out of you to get what he wants. Once anyone, like Micro (who should be named MICROCHIP like in the comic) loses his usefulness he has to go and I can see that confrontation coming from down the street.


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