Thursday, November 9, 2017

Who Is Your Favorite?

How can you beat Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 from Get Smart.


555 95472 from 'Peanuts'

Hey may not be Pigpen, but "5" is certainly one of the more memorable peripheral Peanuts kids, even if few recall his full, truly bizarre name. His dance moves in A Charlie Brown Christmas are iconic. 95472 was the boy's surname, actually a zip code in California, where Charles Schulz was living when the character came into being. He has sisters named 3 and 4. His father explained to Lucy that he was overwhelmed by the preponderance of numbers in modern living and just "gave in." 555 95472 appears in over a dozen Peanuts television specials.

I never knew who the hell these two were because they never show up in the cartoon strip and their dancing is beyond cool. I have an entire backstory in my mind about them living in a trailer park with their mother who they share but they have different fathers. This new information helps me know even less about them now. Maybe they are in the Witness Protection Program.

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