Saturday, February 10, 2018

Big Jim Product Catalogue

Big Jim was huge in Europe so I had a ton of these outfits, figures and playsets as a kid. The vehicles were also awesome. Big Jim was also the only action figure for the kid who was also a sports fan. They had an outfit for most every sport you can image except fencing. I would have loved the fencing set the most. I mean how can you make FISHING gear but no fencing gear? I wish I could find the PACK complete in package but that is a tough thing to find at a reasonable price, even these days. More access rarely means better deals these days.

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Stu Ordana said...

I had, well actually still have somewhere, Big Jim, his bearded friend with the boomerangs, and the #9 motorcycle. Got them for Christmas one year. I can remember seeing the sports camper in the store too and wanting that, but never got it. I don't think I remember all the different outfits. I only had the outfits they came with.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Cool, they were great figures. I wish I still had all the stuff I had as a kid....but the Great Sea Disaster took care of that.