Sunday, February 11, 2018

Did You Notice?

I am just frustrated by the lack of comments at this Cave Of Cool blog. I still think I put out a quality product but maybe I have nothing more to say of interest to anyone else that is worthy of a larger conversation. Maybe I am just repeating myself at this point and have lost my womanly freshness. I don't know. It's hot in the house. Humid, like the Florida conditions Hemmingway created in.

I wish someone was around to talk to through the comments. Of course for you regular commenters, (who I should call the Dirty Dozen because it is just about how many there are in that distinguished group of diehards) I was thinking of having a sticker or patch designed to honor your contribution but who would ever value something stupid like that?

It's times like this when I really feel like I should be on my own ship to Mars for an epic solo flight. Why waste a valuable human to see if the trip could be done? Fill a ship with Diet Pepsi, Zebra Cakes and other delicacies and send this idiot Calvin for the three year trip to Mars and back. Give me the internet and a cat for company along with access to my shows and I will do up there what I am already doing in my prison of a home. I will just float through space while providing NASA with valuable space data and snarky commentary on life back in Earth. Think about the money you would save by just sending out ONE guy. If a loser like me can survive, THEN you send one of your Rocket Aces like Lance Bannon to do the really hard work and actually land on Mars.
I do that same job every single day in a house about the size of a small spaceship so I know I can do the time without succumbing to Cabin Fever or Space Madness. That is a real think I hear. Especially on long flights.

This is my model of the ship I will be using. I haven't named it yet. And I decided on adding a cat or two to the crew because of what I learned reading these Space Cat books. You would be surprised how much information they do contain about surviving and thriving in space. Plus cats are so much better company than other creatures.


Humans would be the least preferred companions because eventually EVERYONE gets on my nerves enough that I would WOOOOSH them out the nearest airlock. I know myself. Eventually I would come down to all of them or me. Just avoid the needless deaths, NASA, and have the team of mission scientists conference with me from Earth. Much safer for everyone and I can use Face Time on my tablet.

I hope to meet these numnuts in space.
That Josie is alright.

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DrGoat said...

We are the seven Samurai (or 5 or 8, or something) Our blades have drawn blood. We need that patch, by golly!
Besides, unless I'm dead or deathly ill, I'll tune in every morning except weekends. We reach.