Saturday, March 10, 2018

Suddenly He Re-appears In Grainy CCTV From Dusseldorf

He can run from me all over this flat Earth but I will have my vengeance soon enough. I WILL end your evil and let Interpol settle out the details and figure out who really is the true criminal in this situation. You love NOTHING, Heino. Like Caillou you are incapable of love nor do you deserve it. If you don't make me chase you down I will be merciful and your death will be painless and will appear accidental but not 'weird' accidental. However, if you RUN FROM JUSTICE LIKE A LITTLE BITCH than I will take that as rude behavior and all promies of mercy will be recinded. I will insure your crime scene also include a freshly molested sheep who is ready to talk to the media so the Urban Legend about your perversions will be your legacy. I am glad we understand each other. It has been 50 years but as you know there is no time limit on COSMIC JUSTICE.


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