Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Bullshit Continues

I have been waiting for Teen Mom Farrah to make a worse decision than getting pregnant in the first place. Thank you for always being a worthless, entitled cunt. Now teen girls have the worst example of a human female to emulate. I thought Kim Kardashian was the low point but who knew there was no bottom. You choose to leave MTV so that you can do online porn. Great example for your child but she won't get it because she is an illiterate wolfchild who has even LESS personality than you do because she knows if she opens her mouth that you will just correct her. Soon you will learn that all everyone is porn has a shelf life and your overestimate your own attractiveness. Thank you for the entertainment I will get at your continued failures as a human being. I am not one to talk but I can always say that I never worked BLUE.
(click to enlarge)
SO delusional.
Notice how she blamed everyone but herself.


Monc said...

She'll be back. MTV knows they need a "love-to-hate" Mom in every version of Teen Mom, and no one's better at that than Farrah.

Mark my words: MTV will offer her a ton of money, and her return will be a major plotline next season.

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DrGoat said...

The only solution is to stop watching this kind of stuff. I only have your best interests at heart old bean.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I sure hope you are wrong MONC. I would rather watch her fail at something else because she will fail because she can't be around another human being without treating them like shit. She's TOXIC and MTV was the only ones who would put up with her shit. I will miss that piece of garbage only because I loved to hate her so much.