Saturday, October 6, 2018


They thought they could defeat ME but as with ALL my enemies, I have defeated them. For two days I have been downloading torrents to get the latest Star Trek Discovery Short Trek called Runaway.

I must have downloaded 20 different torrents from 20 different sites just to find the one that would work with my player. None of them would play the sound. I figured that maybe the geniuses at CBS figured out how to defeat the free transfer of media and it's fair use. But I outsmarted them. I won't say how or they will figure some work around to annoy me and waste my time. Suffice it to say that once again I am smarter than my enemies and knowing that is enough for me.

Runaway is a fifteen minute mini-movie focusing on Ensign Tilly and her encounter with an alien who has come onboard Discovery. Of course calling this story RUNAWAY kinda spoils the plot by revealing that the alien girl is a runaway from something. But I liked it and know that the alien girl is here for a reason and she will be key to season two's adventure. I am so jazzed for 2019.

The story is cool and reminds us once again that Tilly is really the smartest girl in space.  If anyone can solve this mystery it's her. Turned out that she just needed to be herself. It was fun ansd sweet and I hope a setup for something in the future which is just what those sly boots in the Discovery writing room would do to delight and surprise me all over again. It feels a bit truncated because they have to stuff a lot into a short period of time. Just enough to leave me wanting more.

I do love this show which is why I was willing to work so hard to figure out a way to see it that fits my lifestyle. Isn't the whole bit torrent thing settled business?

So CBS can suck my dick. How dare your try to keep me from my Tilly.

Her Mirror Universe identity is so awesome as well.
Damn I love me some Mary Wiseman.
She's my kinda girl, overcaffienated.


Unknown said...
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Chase March said...

I love that Canadian TV airs it for free. Star Trek should be on TV. That's how I've always watched it.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Right? To make people pay is just corporate bullshit. For once we are not a third world country where American entertainment is concerned. I mean we can't even watch SNL clips.