Sunday, October 7, 2018

Now I Made The Vegans Mad

They have the thinnest skin of all the people online. They can't even take a joke about finding cows to also be delicious without all turning on me like I was the Anti-Christ.

For we MUST also think of the cows and the fish and the birds and ALL THE CREATURES OF THE SEA and not consume them? For they are holy and worthy of respect in God's world. So what if it goes against thousands of years of human evolution. I choose to believe that I am superior because I don't eat anything WITH A FACE! I have filled my belly with the demon cheeseburger and not ONCE did I concider the fate of the poor creature of GOD that I had consumed with great relish. I am unworthy to walk this Earth with those vegan SAINTS! They are right to judge me on the Facebook. THEY ARE RIGHT!


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