Sunday, October 7, 2018

This Week With Dear Leader

I will just go back into my igloo and watch my shows and do my silly little blog and just give the guy the credit and the love befitting a Dear Leader. How could I have not seen the truth for so long? Damn fake news and the Clintons and that black guy who was President for awhile were the real enemy of America. They stood in the way of PROGRESS and OPPORTUNITY that we now have under Dear Leader.
Dear Leader came to save us all from OURSELVES! Let us look at all Dear Leader has done this week to make America GREAT again.
Dear Leader, with his steady leadership got us a GREAT Justice for the Supreme Court, the LAST arbiter of what is GODLY and what is the work of the DEVIL in America. If Dear Leader says that the women lied then they lied. People who think that someone who cries and acts like a toddler and says that he loves Beer should not have got the job he was interviewing for are mistaking instability for a passion for Justice. Dear Leader promised people of faith that he would overturn ROE V WADE and his packed court will insure that will happen in the short near future. Finally we will think of the unborn and elevate them. Our long battle to restrict a woman's right to choose will finally be sealed in law now that Judge Rape Beer is there to continue Dear Leader's transformation of America. Under Dear Leader's guidance we will take care of that abortion issue that has been hanging over the HEART of America - the killing of the innocent babies will stop and all the children of the Earth can run FREE under the loving care of Dear Leader. We have allowed them to be born and that is where our responsibility ends.
Judge Rape Beer also will make sure that Dear Leader cannot be held responsible for any crime he may have committed while being Dear Leader and anyone who questions that must be discovered and made to see the wisdom of Dear Leader's actions. Again, what is good for Dear Leader is good for the rest of us.
Dear Leader is the only Sun we need. He is light. He is heat. He is everything.
This week Dear Leader began the process of removing radiation standards because for far too long other countries have been soaking in AMERICA'S sweet sweet radiation for their own evil purposes and not paying a dime for the privilege. Scientist have scared Americans about the so called dangers of this 'radiation' with all their tests and facts.
And as a Canadian and an expert on popular culture I can CONFIRM that Dear Leader is absolutely right about the Super Bowl ads. We in Canada get to see them for FREE without compensating the NFL Owners. Any Canadian who tells you that those special Super Bowl commercials are blocked from Canada and have been since the Super Bowl began are LIARS. Paid LIARS. There is no way that butt fuck businesses would buy air time on local stations ONE DAY A YEAR to air their lamest crap on the ONE DAY that they can command a HUGE Canadian Audience. NO WAY. No way does Canada have to wait until the Monday AFTER the Super Bowl to see these much touted commercials. In Canada we would call such an accusations HOGWASH!
So we MUST start paying those wonderful NFL Owners for the privilege of seeing those most special commercials. Once again, Dear Leader looks out for the little guy. Dear Leader makes sure that those with great wealth get to more of it because they are truly the job makers and blessed of the LORD!
All blessings to Dear Leader.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

"mistaking instability for a passion for Justice" -- HAHAHAHAHAHA, well put.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank you. I know I ranted a bit there.

jester59388 said...

And a great rant it was!

dan muray said...

Yawn...we still love him and do not care what you socialist Canadians think---ever....

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am agreeing with you. I dumped 100 IQ points and am with you. Trump in 2030