Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Watership Down On Netflix

Hated the book as a kid. HATED the cartoon they forced us to watch after wards.I was traumatized and WILL NOT sit down willingly and watch evil bunnies be evil to good bunnies who aren't bothering anyone. It's too sad and too real and it seems like anyone who can enjoy this horror will survive the future and I will not. I can't even watch a sad bunny movie - what good will I be when society collapse? I can't binge watch bunny suffering. Maybe a few years ago but I think I am no longer willing to watch sad bunnies when I can fill my mind with something less sad - if that is even possible at this point.

A movie with terrorized bunnies at the same time as a cop in Canada shames us all by running over a hurt but still living animal with his car. Someone got this on their cell phone. You can hear the cries of the deer as she is run over 4 times. He had a gun and could have ended this animal's suffering with a single bullet but someone thought it would be a better contribution to humanity to just crush it with a vehicle until it stopped crying out in pain. I won't share that video here because it is definitely NOT cool. It's fucked up. The world is seconds from exploding and nothing can save us now. Not even ourselves.

Fck this planet. All you produce is rage.

I only I had the power..I would make all who do evil suffer in equal measure. Just to make a point. And we WILL take the money that trump is not getting for his wall and build us a THUNDERDOME where you either pass through the Rock and his TITANS challenges and live or you fail there and now have to fight for your life in the THUNDERDOME which of course is where all the matches are to the death. Of course it's televised and the idiot trump will go out to extraordinary ratings. Maybe the most ever. I hope his death fight involves migrant children armed with metal meal trays.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Watership Down, the book, the first movie and I look forward to seeing the new movie too. It is violent, but is instructive violence -- it teaches a moral lesson. That cop and the deer incident was just violence for cruelty's sake. He should be fired.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That cop should get run over in the same way as the deer. I hear good things about the show and I am happy for people who can deal with it. I am happy to let something I have already seen pass me by, especially one with dead bunnies. Why don't we have a movie festival with Animal Farm, 1984, Twilight of the Fireflies and all the other happy movies that tormented me in the past.

DrGoat said...

That cop should be fired. Anyone that stupid is a detriment to society.