Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cory Has Got Himself A BOO!

Corry Booker and Rosario Dawson are a good couple. I am a fan of both of them and the energy they put into making this a better world. Most talk like they know. These two actually walk their talk. I hope they are dating. They have much in common politically with an emphasis of social justice. And they are a good looking couple. That will give them an audience for their message especially if they have some cute but smart banter between them. That would sell very well to voters, especially housewives who watch day time TV like the VIEW.
If you elect me you elect us both because the job is to much for one man to do. I need an ally and she will be mine because I trust her the most. I think that would play well with the liberal base and some non-hillbilly men who actually want to be with someone because she gives you things that makes you a better man and such an ally is invaluable in a presidential run.
Now to the white kid. I assume he got the job of new houseboy and general gopher that any hot couple could need. Someone had to keep them connected to all hit events they can attend and co-ordinate all social media and regular media invitations. You know when you want to do social media right you either go to a 15 year old girl or an 18 year old gay teenage boy. They have a mind for organization and conversation and maximizing all the powers the cell phone gives one motivated individual who is a believer in the cause and can type with his thumbs like a test pilot.


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