Monday, February 4, 2019

I Have Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe

Today I saw a place that would make a toy, comic, and pop cultural collector wet his diaper. A source. A cave of treasure where all things may be found if one looks long enough and deep into into the cavern of cool that I experienced. I cannot tell you more than that. Part of my NDA with the Illuminati. You understand. But WOW. What an experience for a toy collector like myself. Let's just say I asked about a ROM and for a half second I thought I could hear him come to life in one of that massive warehouse of boxes.

I asked him about all the other lost figures I would totally love to have in my collection. Original Mego, GI JOE, Six Million Dollar Man, and especially Big Jim. I even offered to catalogue all his high shelves of sealed boxes, FOR FREE (knowing of course that I might be able to bargain for some amazing pieces I know are in there somewhere). He told me he had a trailer out back I can stay in. He doesn't know how serious I am. I hope I can get his trust. I would love to spend a few weeks opening boxes in that magic warehouse and never know what I might find within.

Think the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark and you sorta have an idea of where I was this afternoon. I am still tingling. Before I left I notice this box high on the top shelf and he told me it came with complete contents. I had one of these as a kid because I loved these Big Jim vehicles and all the cool accessories you got with the set. Hell, you not only get the coffee pot but the LID for the coffee pod. That shit makes my brain release those happy chemicals. I never thought I would see an item like this in a small central Alberta town. That just never happens because our population is so small that you never find toys in the box like this that are over 40 years old in perfect condition.

And that is only half of it. The guy who owns this place builds post apocalyptic kitbashed custom vehibles that could find a home in the movie Mad Max Fury Road. I am trying to get permission to share these amazing pieces of art with all those who visit the Cave of Cool. I was amazed at the nearly two dozen custom vehicles that he created from old plastic model parts and the custom pieces he creates himself. He has a vision that for me was like looking at a master builder working with a wicked imagination and finding a balance of all elements to create an end product that perfectly fits with the vehicle built before it and the vehicle he build before that. The Fury Road sequel just started to write itself in my brain. I was inspired.  NOT what I expected to see in a stranger's basement.
Again, thanks to Pat for taking me with him and sharing this secret with me. He also reminded me that if I killed the guy who owned it to get all his stuff then I would be a prime suspect. I would also have to destroy the whole town to get away with such a mad scheme and that seemed a lot of trouble just to have a talking Mr T that STILL says 'I Pity The Fool' when you pull the cord in his back. So don't judge me. If you held that beautiful Mr. T in your hand you would think dark and evil thoughts as well.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

You need to marry this guy, Cal. He sounds like your soulmate.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He is too even tempered and quiet and I would drive him crazy. Plus he is past his child bearing years.

Jordan said...

Oscar Goldman? Exploding briefcase?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I already have two of them with one being complete. I am sure that their is a maskatron in there as well. I could find amazing pieces I never thoght I would have a chance at finding and I am willing to do the cataloguing just to see what treasures are hitten within.