Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I Love AOC

This a magnificent woman and as close to a real life Wonder Woman we have in this world. I would say she is FOIN because that is my highest praise for a mightly lioness like AOC.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, both of these rock!

notaleftie said...

Commie Calvin, when the brain eating zombie apocalypse comes you won't have to worry because they'll walk right past you.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And I will proudly follow behind her on her way to watch trump in the thunderdome.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

She is hype, zero substance. I get it. She offers the Left the same thrill Trump offered the Right. She is belligerent and insulting to those who you think have wronged you. She is hardly a deep political thinker and she has not exhibited many leadership qualities.

She will likely have a long stay in the Congress because of her district, but it is not likely she will amass much power as she starts to grow older.

Now let's see if you can keep on topic and talk about her and not wet yourself and start sputter 'Buh whadda bout Trump?!'

You never manage to actually talk about her policies or another beyond her looks and your feelings. C'mon Cal, you're not an emotional 14 year-old-girl pining over a rock star, you're a grown man, you've thought this through, explain her policies.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said... are so tiresome. I should just spam you and be done with your bullshit but even the dull and ignorant have their opinion. You know nothing aoubt nothing and that no longer holds my insterest.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

So, no, you no absolutely nothing of her policies and are just impulsively reacting to what the media puts in front of you.

This is why I kick back at you. You say the most wildly silly, uninformed things and then, when pressed for the minimal amount of info you fold. If you allow yourself to be led around by the nose you're not in control of your own thinking, your own life.

Free you mind, son. You're being played.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

Let's try this again. What policies AOC has proposed cause your support and warrant your previous statement you would approve her being POTUS despite the fact she hasn't even finished a single term as a junior member of Congress?

Not she's hot.
Not she owns the Rethuglicans.
Not she drives people crazy.

That's media. That's narrative.

What policies? What actual work?

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

I didn't think so.