Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kingdom (2019) - Episode One

Sometimes I go through my download file for a good five minutes to decide what I am going to watch next. This one kinda snuck up on me but I am glad that it did. Zombies in feudal Japan? What a concept. One ripe for a serious look at honor and sacrifice and stinking zombies who all need to either burn or have their heads permanently separated from their bodies.

Now what if the King of a feudal land is one of these undead? Then what? Then the shit gets real and gets real fast. No high born or low born when there is only living and dead and nothing else. It is violent and bloody and scary. There are scenes of torture within the first ten minutes and that only begins the festivities. Suffice it to say that it would be best not to get too attached to anyone in this happy little tale of the fallout after the death of a King.

The crown prince isn't happy, the pregnant queen isn't happy and people don't know if the king is alive or dead. I am going with UNDEAD for 500, Alex. And the prince is not above blackmail to get his own way. So now he is another royal asshole. He will learn a very important lesson by the end of these six episodes I think. There are bigger things going on here than a boy prince having a tantrum over the disrespect  he is being shown by all around him. They should be kneeling before him, not escorting him out of rooms. In the end only he and his most loyal man servant are compelled to solve a mystery draped in blood.

The truth at the end of episode one is pretty horrific in a way I didn't see coming You have been warned. I am a little girl when it comes to scary movies and this shit is terrifying. The moans of zombie transformations is not a pleasant sound.

Now everything is subtitled so you have to read but that is cool because you are paying attention to everything going on anyways. The mystery is solid and the scenes are breathtaking and still in some magnificent ancient settings. Everything crackles with an energy that is unique to these Asian historical dramas. If you have seen anything from the genre then you know of what I speak of. There is alot to admire here and I like having to pay close attention as the story grinds away like a rusty spring ready to get sprung.

The soundtrack here is an anti-soundtrack. Not music really but a low hum of doom like someone is playing one note and holding it for a long time.

Oh there is also a hospital full of diseased and damaged patients. It's not good at all for anyone when their patron, the royal physician's body is returned to them. More zombie bullshit. But it's feudal Korean zombie bullshit. Only six episodes too. You will get to know all the characters and their unique role in this whole epic so don't worry about that. This is all about good and evil and how both respond to something neither can control or survive.

Just don't get attached to anyone

I knew I recognized the lead actor. He was also in one of the great zombie movies of all time - Train To Busain so he must have a real taste for this genre.

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