Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Great Cave Of Cool Cosplay Challenge.

In no particular order. These are my favorite cosplays out there today. I started with a larger list and it was tough to weed it down to just ten so I compromised and went with thirteen. I tried to go with the girls that make the most magic with the overall impression their cosplay makes on a fan like me. All of these girls are amazingly talented and I love the way they make the characters come to life and then put their pictures out there for the whole world to judge and that take real courage these days. I choose images at random so please go to their pages to see the full collection of cosplay they have done over the years. Each has a resume they can be proud of.
But there are many coplayers out there that are equally beloved by other fans. To make it interesting I invited Tim over at the Hero Press to join me by making his list of favorites because he is as big a fan of cosplay as I am. I am interested in seeing how close our lists are to each other.
Ryuu Lavitz
Sev Cosplay
Danielle Vedovelli
Florencia Sofen
Colossal Smidgen
Mangoe Cosplay
Little Jem
Fe Galvao

Giu Hellsing
Fenix Fatalist
Clef Chan
Now we look at Tim's list of favorites. He also ranked them which is something I could never do. It was too hard to choose a number one for me. I would feel bad for the number two. It's amazing that both are lists are in no way identical which proves to me that there is a cosplayer for everyone to love.
1. Cutiepiesensei
2. Katyuska Moonfox
13. Kaitlyn Siragusa


Tim Knight said...

Thanks for this, Cal. It was an honour and privilege to be allowed input into a Cave Of Cool article.

I hope you enjoyed compiling it as much as I did putting together my 'lucky 13'.

At some point I shall return the favour, and get your input into a HeroPress article.

This was fun!

Timothy Brannan said...

You know who wins in this challenge?
We do. We the readers win!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank you. I thought it was great that we have different lists but many on his list do some great work and are amazingly beautiful.