Thursday, February 7, 2019

This Must Be The Truth. It's On TV.

Now THAT is the Vladimir I know before he went all psycho. I understand he had to do it but this whole Trump thing is beneath him unless he can get Trump to do something really spectacular as he flames out and becomes a bad dream that we all shared. But I want something creative. Something that forces trump to lose everything for unpaid taxes and tax frauds and just regular frauds. All the evil he and his criminal cabal did in their lives. I don't know what that could be but he is the criminal mastermind. He can figure it out. But I want the kids to go down with him. Including Baron and that poor little kid who just has the last name of Trump. They all go down.

You see why I no longer take vacations with this maniac. He used to be a lot of fun but then he started taking off his shirt even though the bugs were bad that summer. It's like he only brought one shirt for a week long camping trip and lost that one shirt on the first day. I asked him about that two days later and he told me that I 'see' too much and should concentrate on what I 'cannot' see. Well I cannot unsee you doing all you can to pose shirtless for each woodland activity you could think of. Body proud maniac. That's when he got all full of himself. You know what a Russian man can be like if he lives past 40. One day he Vlad and the next he is arguing if you spell the word CZAR or TSAR. So that was it for me. But by then he no longer needed my delightful companionship. He found that instead of just being chill he got a taste for global domination and he LIKES IT. But like I always said to him, "THEN WHAT, VLADIMIR, THEN WHAT???" Then he would get out of his chair. Look out his window to the stars and mumble to himself. "I will do what my Baba commanded me to do upon her death - Get your ass to Mars."
(Damn, that is good writing)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You've certainly got Vlad's number.

DrGoat said...

The earth has been plagued by evil f*ckers like this from the get-go.
Consciousness has it's draw-backs.