Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why Has Black History Month Become Blackface History Month?

Oh right, America is racist.

Whole class of kids use blackface masks at Black History month presentation. Not one parent or teacher or kid asked WHY? You would be correct to assume that an educational institution would know better but there you have it.
The Kindezi school is a great school and we are all like a big family however this act was not acceptable. I do understand that it is a poem (“We wear mask”) but the kids could have made up their own mask and our used emojis or anything other than Black faces. There is a big lesson to be learned here

This one astounds me. The levels of people this would have to pass through to get made on a scale massive enough to be released to stores and it still got out there. WOW.
And this of course is Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's MEDICAL SCHOOL home page. A guy who loves his car and his racism. I don't know which guy is more racist. The guy in blackface or the guy in the hood?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

People either have shit for brains, are knowingly and deliberately racist, or both. No, wait. There is no room in that sentence for "or" -- it will always be "and."

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yup. There is no denying it when you see it. It amazes me that this gets by so many people along the chain from concept to reality.

DrGoat said...

There is no chain, it goes straight to reality.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Are you sure. Not ONE little kid in one Gucci sweatshop put his hand up to ask what the fuck this was they were sewing?

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

If America were actually racist, stories such as these would get no footing.

Shouldn't we consider intent when dealing with things such as this? otherwise something that 'looks like' blackface is equated with someone donning blackface as a means of belittling black people are treated the same.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

The racist intent is pretty clear to the rest of us in the real world that can give up your precious right to your blackface.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

Me: "America isn't nearly as racist as you are asserting given you're asserting given you're doing so out of misguided narratives that insist boomer views of the world are still relevant 50 years on..."

You: "Uh Uh! 'merica still racist like 1955!"

Me: "Look around you."

You: "School told me 'merica bad. I'm a good boy and I say what I learned!"

Me: "Okay, but if you look around..."

You" "NO! Government schooling told me you bad, me good for believing government schooling good. I do what I told, you don't, you bad!"

Me: "Uh...okay. Well... Perhaps you want to explain your position in a logical way? Examples? Relevant historical context?"

You *Wets his pants, sets his hair on fire* "You bad man, deny my teaching from government school - you racist! I can't defend me thinks put in my head but that means you bad!"

Cal. Cally Boy. For once. ONE TIME. ONCE. Stop the name calling. Defend yourself like a man with a brain. Can you?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You sure try hard to convince someone that something isn't what it appears to be. But if you wear a MAGA hat or engage in the fun of blackface then you are a racist piece of garbage. Racism has no logic and if you argue for it you are a douche.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

...and he can't.

MAGA hat = blackface

*Lowest black unemployment in history...*


Democrats are having trouble with racism and antisemitism (living up to their history), not the Right. Usually you guys couch your bigotry in having lower expectations and condescending praise, but lately you've really been outdoing yourselves