Friday, April 12, 2019

Headlines This Week

What about the sportcars they drive?
 How does that affect testicular size.
This is CALGARY! Not downtown Kabul.
What is this for exactly?
This will end badly for all of us. I have warned you all for years that this would be a terrible idea and when your faces get ripped off you will hear me say, I told you so. That's all we need, a smarter monkey. What use can a smarter monkey be to us? We will only be a tremendous disappointment to him which will be the reason he turns against us in the end. Thanks China.

Look at that face. He was playing with everyone all along. He had no intention of going through it in the first place. Loser.
Why is everyone who God 'talks' to always turns out to be an ignorant asshole who has no business being in charge of anything. It shows such a lack of critical thinking and intellectual honesty. Such a hussle that needs to end by taxing all these churches.

OH MY neeeded ten people to read this drivel because no one would ever get though ten pages themselves without having a stroke.