Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lori Loughlin Rejected Reality Show Offer Before Scam

Pretty is a curse. You can never be prettier because you constantly compare yourself to every other pretty girl. And you are never complimentary. You talk about her in a way that proves you Momma failed you by not slapping that shit attitude out of your mouth early It's a fools pursuit right from the beginning. Istagram hits are not real and most of the time they don't even represent real people. So you are exposing your vagina late at night to Russian bots. Hot. GAH. Have I made my point that I hate pretty entitled rich social media influencers who couldn't even pass a 4th grade spelling test. You are worst kind of role models for young women which is exactl why the really evil brat will have her own reality show come fall.
Follow the link to see just how horrible and vapid a person this girl is.
But I would offer a different way. Now you can still be pretty. Hell I hope you were born would those genetics because it will make you an AMAZING COSPLAYER. But in your down time try to be someone who people would not only call PRETTY, but also call PRETTY SMART.I am here to encourage you TO BE SOMETHING MORE.. Education you earned through hard work is something they can never take away from you. Not time, not wrinkles or a few extra pounds. Pretty fades but education is forever. Don't be vapid and dull. Do something with your life. Be great.

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