Monday, April 15, 2019

Newpaper Headlines This Week

I call bullshit. They can barely invent a car that works and dont' get me started on their other technical failures since the Space Age. No one was more shocked that me when they somehow were able to use computers to help trump win the election. I was surprised they even knew how to turn them on. Watch Russian TV for ten minutes and you will see how far behind they really are.
This is true honor and character. You can't fire someone just because you are opposed to their lifestyle, especially if they can do the job assigned to them. Saying no to a maniac is what courage is.
Just when you think he can't get any more cuddly....
Shouldn't he read one before he writes one? Bitch please. He only knows a third of the alphabet anyways. So he will need some help. Of course he can't write a book if he's dead.
So you are telling me they found out the dog skeleton turned out to be a dog? Big deal. Sometimes it's like the world doesn't care to even try anymore to dazzle me.

I told you all this would happen.
Who is the psycho now?

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