Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Adventures Of Honey Glaze And Danger Cat 3.0

In this episode Danger Cat 3.0 falls through the ice after another perilous mission to save the world and is presumed dead. In reality he is rescued by another cat who lives a more wild life. Without his translator collar he is just another cat but that doesn't keep Danger Cat from getting involved in cat politics and the struggle a group of feral cats have with an evil person who is trying to capture and kill any and all cats he can find. In fact the city in India pays him a bounty on each body as an insane way to keep the wild cat population down. The accident in the water also gave Danger Cat amnesia. However, finding his collar and seeing Honey at the right time triggers his memory and he is able to use his full Danger Cat abilities to save the day.

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