Thursday, October 15, 2020

Capricorn One (1978)

YES, this is how the movie ends with two grown men running in the cemetery to the memorial service for the astronaut (James Brolin) who is suppose to be dead. And is that Elliot Gould I see running beside him like they just discovered they are in love? And for two guys who were almost killed by the GOVERNMENT for most of the movie - they are running towards the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who is giving a speech at the memorial service for that same astronaut who should be dead. Why would they not be stopped by ONE SECURITY OFFICER as these two maniacs run towards the President? And they use this scene, with the sappy TV romance music, in their POSTER??

The flight choreography is quick remarkable for the time period. Usually you don't see chase scenes like this that are so well filmed and worked out. It looks like an actually chase and not something Michael Bay would cut together where you can't tell where any vehicle is at any given time. It's exciting stuff.

The tone of the movie is all over the place. Sometimes it plays like a TV movie of the week and others like an Oscar winning blockbuster. The cast is the best for the time period, even in the smaller roles - many who did go on to have huge television careers.

I love the shots of Mission Control. Everyone smokes and the place is a workplace hazard. Everyone has ashtrays next to their coffee cups. It's insane to see. But it was a different time.

This was the exact type of movie that we got on the base maybe a month or so after it was released. This one had decent buzz so we all went to see it. I remember liking it very much at the time and while somethings don't hold up all that well, it's a great example of the Hollywood high concept movie making machine at it's 70s best.

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