Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sing It With Me

Johnny Nash will forever be associated with his No. 1 single "I Can See Clearly Now." The cheery song dominated the pop charts in 1972, climbing all the way to the top of Billboard Hot 100, and remained a mainstay of easy-listening radio for decades. Nash, born in Houston, had relocated to Jamaica and took heavy influence from the feel-good vibes of Bob Marley. He wrote and produced the track himself.

But, before the Texas native moved to the Caribbean in 1965, he recorded a song heard by millions of Americans every week on television. Well, millions of children, mostly. 

A decade before his chart-topping "I Can See Clearly Now," the tenor crooned the theme song to The Mighty Hercules, a cartoon about the Greek mythological legend. The animated sword-and-sandal adventure aired in first-run syndication from 1963–66. 

For a certain generation of Canadian kids this song is embedded in our brains forever. Herc, Toot, Newton and of course Dido the evil cat and the MASK OF VULCAN. Nothing can harm him while he wears the MASK OF VULCAN. Maybe he should have added a chin strap. That helmet works but two minutes in someone always takes it off his head. A redesign and he could have ruled the world. Dumbass.

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Count Robot said...

Ha! I remember that song.
We sometimes played samples of it at shows we did.