Friday, October 2, 2020

The Comment Become A Post

Calvin Heighton I agree with you. I think he wants to avoid the next debate but it is costing him the love from his Hillbilly followers so he hasn't thought this out. Two week Quarantine should be a total media ban until he is out of quarantine. Let him yell out from the window in the West Wing where no one can hear him because the fences keep the protesters so far back. 

Aaron Peters Please no window ideas Calvin. I can see a megaphone and a manufactured crowd... He will never lose his hillbilly base. They would support him posthumously! · 

Calvin Heighton I am not worried to much about them. They are not a huge number. They are just gun nuts, with no girlfriends or no book learning and no interest in introspection or nuance or facts. In fact anything that is true is something they are against just because they are secretly gay and if they think global warming is real then his buddies well call him a 'fag'. They are also pussies and they aren't going to be fighting for Trump to stay in power because if they TRY to take to the streets the heavily armed and well trained military will crush them with weapons out of science fiction. That of course will lesson their numbers right quick and we will be able to identify of all those who supported this 'patriot' movement in the first place. Draw all the rats out into the sunlight so we can purge those motherfuckers out of any decision making job or assignment. They can do photocopying for all I care but anyone who supports racism in any of it's form must be cleansed from the body politic for the good of us all. And that list STARTS at the top and then the Billionaires. But that is a discussion for another day. Stay safe, wash your hands because people are naturally germy and don't be a racist piece of shit. Girl racists are really unattractive and once you have sex with one you will never feel clean again.

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