Friday, October 2, 2020

What Does This Mean??

What the fuck is this? Is this an interpretation or a literal blending of the world of The Boys and Brightburn (which is equally brilliant btw)? No don't tell me. I am only four episodes in on this season.

Homelander's freakish perversions are just disturbing. A super prostitute that can look like anyone is really weird. I mean clinically weird. Homelander needs someone to talk to who can prescribe meds and has degrees up the ying yang. Also make him a Supe who can generate a force shield that protects him from his clients. He's often the only one that can talk them down when they grow crazy.. Many he has know since they were children because all the seven know Dr Psion and are afraid of him. Now that is good writing.

Didn't Homelander anticipate that using Compound V and weaponizing wild cards could create a Super MORE powerful than Homelander himself? He's the SUPERMAN of the story not the BATMAN. He's too short term to think his dumb idea all the way through.

And what happens when a human, say Butcher, takes the Compound? Would it work on him or would the V burn him out quickly because it doesn't fully take at his age? 

Are they the ONLY one's hunting Supes? More people must be pissed at them than just our team.  There must be a group of jealous Supes with minor powers who hate the Seven. Like the League of Substitute Heroes. Can't they work with our Boys.

WHAT DOES THIS IMAGE MEAN?? Don't tell me. Obviously he convinces his son to kill his Mother. Nature vs Nurture, you know? You can't change nature no matter how much you nurture. That is the whole point of Brightburn.

Watch Brightburn from Producer James Gunn.

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