Thursday, November 12, 2020

Blood Vessel (2020)

I am not a fan of scary movies. I was obligated to watch Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in one night and before that I was terrified to the point of pooping my pants watching Carrie. I begged my Aunt to take me to that one against my Mom's wishes. Mom was right. Mom was so right.

So I usually avoid movies like this thought I do enjoy the Rec films, Final Destiny series and the first Saw movie. I loath any of that other torture porn that is out there masquerading as horror. Frailty scared the hell out of me and that was nearly blood free and dismemberment free.

But I do love a movie where a group of mismatched survivors have to survive an even worse horror than they already have survived. This one is just that with the requisite gore and Nazi vampires to make it worth my while. War time vampires is a fresh idea especially when each survivor has war time issues that they need to work out before dying by horrible means like everyone on the boat already had.

Surviving until dawn fuels the story. It's low budget with no name actors but it was effective enough to keep my interest. I wondered to see if they would follow all the usual tropes. For example. There is ONE girl and ONE black sailor. By the rules they both should survive to the end of the film while all the alpha males get picked off one by one until the last one does something unbelievably brave to kill the vampire.

Everything is set up early in the film in the hopes that it pays off later in the film. Like the overheated engine that could set off the munitions and destroy the entire ship. Why tell me that if that isn't exactly what you are going to do at the end of the film? Maybe that is the same reason for the survivors finding a vampire killing kit and some bars of stolen Nazi gold?

The little girl they find happens to be Romanian. That is never good is it? Not in a vampire story it isn't. The finale of the story is a nice shocker, too. This film will not change the world but it was an okay enough diversion for fans of the genre.

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