Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Give Me A Freakin' Stone Age Break

That desert sun would have striped the hide off that shirtless ginger teenager. And judging by the collective IQ of his comrades there is no way they survive to become teens around the time that fire was first 'invented'. They would have burned themselves to death or been killed by the rest of the tribe after starting many, many deadly fires. And don't get me started on the dinosaurs which we all know eat dumbasses first so there goes Reggie and Jughead before page four. Notice how I am saying nothing about the exploding volcano because IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! Two days of breathing that ash and those girls will sound like thirty year smokers. And what Stone Age parent names their kid ARCHIE? Why is HE the boss of that little gang of dimwits?? He's the worst one of the lot and the world he lives in cuts him SO MUCH SLACK for all the shenanigans he gets into every single issue which is the same as the last issue. You can set the story anywhere but it will be the same old garbage. When does he meet the Flintstones?