Sunday, November 1, 2020

I Am So Annoyed With The Hollywood Right Now

Much like my life, the Covid has ruined the theatre experience and only increased my desire to see the big blockbuster movies that I SHOULD have already seen if the Hollywood had any clue how to do business anymore.

Come to think of it, now I have a YEAR to get my Red Guardian costume together when it will be more current and relevant since no one has figured out a way for me to see Black Widow before we all die of old age here. It's not Avatar. It's something I DO give a shit about and I deserve to see because it's FINISHED and in the can. 

Let me talk straight to you, Hollywood. 

You know I love you. I have enjoyed your garbage all my life. The Age of Video was a gift to me. I suddenly could watch everything. But there was always NEW content to go with that. The machine kept putting out product that more often that not turned out to be a big waste of time. But I saw it anyways. I contributed to keeping the machine going because we had and AGREEMENT. You MAKE the garbage and we will SEE the garbage. That pact was a sacred thing. 

But now the Covid comes along and suddenly it has fucked up your money making assembly line. You think a global pandemic means you can suddenly stop feeding us fresh content? You think we will just be patient because you have something we want. What you have is something that has to be extra special good in these complicated times because it will have to compete with the movies coming out behind them. More choice means less eyes on any one individual film. 

You are smart, creative people. You should have figured out a way to allow us to see these films through a streaming service if we don't want to go to a theatre and would prefer to watch that same film, at home, the first night it's released. The culture has moved because the 'theatre' experience which, to be honest, was never all that special to begin with, is overrated. Wow a big screen. I can sit closer to my TV and get the same effect. 

But that case relies on the good graces of an audience that is pissed to be denied these 'event' moves to bring some joy to our miserable plebian lives. You don't squirrel away your gems from sight just because you refuse to think outside the box during a time of crisis. FUCK, you let AVATAR get made AND for some reason that escapes me, have decided that Millie Bobby Brown deserves to be a star. 

That is why I can't work with you people. That California sun has cooked your brains. And another thing. WHY is network TV even a thing anymore? 90% of it is drivel. Why did Tim Allen have a show on for TEN YEARS? I haven't seen a second of it and my life is better for it.

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