Monday, November 2, 2020


I remember when Starlog magazine first came out. It was the only place that one could find advanced knowledge about cool science fiction movies that were coming out soon. Long before the Information Age, magazines were reliable and affordable. I know I could never get enough of Starlog. After Star Wars publishers realized there was a market for news about anything in the Sci Fi vein. I so remember the push that was therefor on for this Laserblast movie. 

I remember thinking it was going to be the next best thing because the articles in the magazine painted it to be so. Of course there was no trailer to watch until many years later. I never saw it on TV or in the theatres and I wondered what the Hell happened to this lost gem. Maybe if I had seen it I wouldn't have built it up so much in my mind. I mean look at it. How could I not want to see this?

Of course it was a monstrous disappointment in an almost hurtful way. I took the bad experience so personally.

My high school drama class could have done a better job with the material. We would have made the picture with LOVE.

I am glad it was more than a decade after I missed this one the first time around that I finally saw it. I got sucked into the cover art on the VHS box. I was so excited. I ordered a pizza, made a vodka coolie and loaded the tape into the old Beta machine.

I was still let down but not as let down as I would have been if I had saved my allowance for this piece of crap. Worst yet if I had played it up to friends because it would have ruined my reputation as I was a sophisticated magazine reader. I was glad I was alone when I saw it because people didn't have to see my tears of disappointment.


Count Robot said...

They mocked this on MST3K.
Not a bad concept for a movie but the execution was all off.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I was horrible. They made a movie a few years ago called Kin which takes the concept and does something with it.