Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My Friend Nicole Got Married

I was just thinking of my friend Nicole. I met her when she was 12 through her Father who was one of the first regulars to the CAVE OF COOL. That seems like a lifetime ago. However, over the years I was always in contact with Nicole and I saw her graduation from high school, I watched her act in a ton of high school and college drama productions. I was a drama rat too at those points in my own life so we connected on that level.

Got to know that gang of girls she hung with. Her homegirls. Her 'ride or die' prison bitches. I still content that they are the 13th toughest gang I have ever seen.

I saw Nicole finish college and find a job that was perfect for the brilliant performer and writer that she is. I saw her meet a guy who not only adores her desperately, but is a great actor himself and holds Nicole up to be an even better person than she already is and that is a gift to me. To know she has her champion nearby is a good thing to know.

I have a gift for finding the most interesting human beings and somehow finding a way to become their friends. I am not worthy of any of them. In real life it would never happen. Online makes that so much easier. Nicole could see my heart and my brain and for her that was enough. She always treated me with patience and love because she knows we are kindred spirits who feel every emotion there is to feel every day all day long. I never have to finish her sentences in my head because no one can do that with Nicole.

Today I seemed to be thinking of her alot. I haven't connected with her as much as we should have, especially during a pandemic. We could have printed a book just about our conversations. I want her and her brother Dave to be on my podcast soon. I've known him for as long as I have known Nicole and he grew up into one of the finest pop culture podcasters of his generation. Again. In any group of friends, I, CALVIN am the only loser.

So, there I am, thinking about Nicole after David posted a comment and BOOM, the lightning hits my computer and when this smoke cleared, this picture was in it's place. I welled up. I cried like a little bitch on Say Yes To The Dress. I was rendered speechless. I am without speech.

I am so proud of her

Thank you for this, Superstar.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Very proud of the person Nicole has become. This next generation will save this world.