Monday, March 9, 2009

Comfort Films - The First Five

Caffeinatted Joe had a discussion of his top ten comfort movies so I thought I would add my own. Some I have already discussed.

Casablanca - no matter how many times you see this movie it never fails to entertain. I enjoy Peter Lorre the most playing a slimey exit visa salesmen. This is a tremendous scene between two of the greats at the top of their game.

The 13th Warrior - Antonio Banderas is one of my favs and this one I enjoy for the brotherhood and comradship between him and the vikings he joins on a quest to save a distant village. The leader Bovine is the TRUE representation of a king. The scene where he is shown how to 'draw sounds' by Banderas always gets to me. You know in that moment that he could have been an educated man if that had any value in his viking world. And boy does he DIE like a King!

The Mask of Zorro Another great Bandaras role spoofed in an awesome way in the Shrek movies. This one has it all. The student mentor relationship, great villians, fantastic fight choreography and a beautiful contessa played by the never more beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones. The scene where they dance at the party is my favorite and if I was ever so lucky to be married that would be my model for our first dance.

Dr Strangelove - Oh boy is this a gem. Not usually a fan of Kubrick's style but he nailed it with this wicked cold war satire. Great writing and terrific performances create a memorable viewing experience. The one sided phone call between the President played by Peter Sellers (who also plays two other roles including the title character Dr Strangelove) and the Russian Premier is so funny that I pee myself no matter that I have watched it a hundred times.

Tombstone - THE great western retelling of the Battle at the OK Corral. With Snake Plisken Kurt Russel, Sam Elliot and the great Val Kilmer in the best role of his life. The villians are truly evile and except for the romance that slows everything down it is brutal, funny and exiting. Despite having the DVD I watch it everytime if comes on TV. Its hard to choose just one scene from Val's fantastic performance so here are several.


Wings said...

Never saw "The 13th Warrior" or "The Mask of Zorro". Will have to check them out sometime.

And this is the third time I have seen "Casablanca" on one of these lists. Seems everyone loves it!

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool said...

OMG..SEE THEM BOTH NOW...yu are really missing out. Make it a Bandaras double feature. Zorro is appropriate for kids but be warned. They will want a cape, sword and whip the next day.