Sunday, April 15, 2012

Evening Captions

Do you people realize that I write each and everyone of these gems MYSELF? There are no assistants or even a writing staff here at 'Cave of Cool Inc'. This is the genius of ONE man and his relatively indifferent feline companion (he finds my humor to be 'most common' and 'low brow'). I think he is jealous that none of his great quotes never quite make it to the blog itself. Like I said many times before - we set a high bar for entertainment around here.


Sebastian Black said...

I knew you wrote them all yourself -- hence my awe. I didn't know anyone suspected that you got help. Shame! Shame on them! This is a valued corner of the internet that is both funny and original. I even share some of this stuff with my wife, and neither of us (sorry Cal) like cats or superheroes. We do, however, share a distaste of octopi.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I appreciate what you said Sebastian. I will try to keep the cats away whilst you help me stuff the cephalopods into square molds for freezing.