Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sundays With Selena

Why do I include my best girl on this day? Do you realize she is quite possibly the only thing keeping the Idiot Bieber from taking over the world. The kid has this kind of super charisma that other Canadians are immune to. We KNOW what a numnut he is , trust me. But the rest of you seem powerless before his global assault. His music isn't even all that good but what do we know. We told you guys Nickleback was crap but you just kept buying their stupid albums. You only have yourselves to blame on this one too but I am gonna let you off the hook.

We would like to take Bieber out but he moves so very quick. So I had to step up. I sent my best agent in to monitor this mutant freak until we could take him out the right way with the least number of casualties possible. You know when he goes he will take as many others with him as he can. That's just how your Idiot Bieber thinks.

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