Saturday, January 5, 2013

All I Ask Is That You Try

Did you find fault with Peter Jackson's version of The Hobbit? Wish it were shorter and had less CGI?

Do we have the movie for you. It's an epic fantasy movie that would have made Georges Melies proud, had it been completed in 1905. Unfortunately, it came 80 years later in the Soviet Union, when the technology to tell the tale should theoretically have improved. Well, it is in color, at least.

I will not be able to enjoy this trainwreck like I should until Apple invents some universal translater device but I loved to hear the names they couldn't translate into Russian. You can see the rest of the story by going HERE. I am surprised we can't get an English language version because this would be a hoot to watch.

Oh Gollum, you so Soviet.


Tim Knight said...
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Tim Knight said...

"Comrade Baggins, you have been chosen to join our Dwarven Workers' Collective for the glory of Mother Erebor. We will crush the capitalist Smaug and redistribute his wealth to the proletariat."

thanks for this!

Kal said...

No, thank you for making the joke I totally missed in my head.

You workers are the best.

Mikeyboy said...

someone should dub in the dialogue from the current film. That'd be cool eh?