Friday, January 18, 2013

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Gerald Parel

Is it so crazy that I would love to see a CG adventure involving these characters that doesn't play the concept for a joke but just plays it straight - on this weird planet of Eternia, good and evil are locked in a struggle for the greatest power source there is - power enough to make them Masters Of The Universe.



M. D. Jackson said...

Kind of like HIGHLANDER but with cooler costumes and more muscles?

Jaime Hood said...

No, you're not crazy! And now that you've put this idea into my head, I'm going to relentlessly bitch that this movie doesn't exist.

Kal said...

We will always have the original movie...and Frank Langella's Skeletor. NO ONE has a bigger ego than Skeletor and that is the way to play him, way over the top because Skeletor is so over the top.