Monday, January 7, 2013

I Could Have Been A Dancer

According to the old Julian calendar, today is Ukrainian Christmas. Of course that means a great feed of perogies around the house. Debra reminded me of that fact today and that the world famous SHUMKA DANCERS will be performing in Edmonton tonight. It's an old joke around my house that I never let my mother off the hook for not enrolling me in Ukrainian dance classes.

When I see the guys flying high in their red boots I always say, "I could have been a dancer. I could have been a SHUMKA dancer but my Mother didn't love me enough." It always gets a laugh but in reality there weren't classes around where we live. If there were you can believe she would have driven an hour back and forth to give me the opportunity if she could have. I do so love to watch them dance. I love watching the guys jump high into the air. SHUMKA means whirlwind and that is exactly how they move. Plus there is nothing I find more attractive than a girl in their traditional costumes.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You'd have made a helluva Shumka dancer, Cal. How sad that the world was denied your talents due to geography.

Happy Ukrainian Christmas to you and your Mom!

Kal said...

Looking forward to hear how the performance goes tonight. If you find a girl that wants to live in Canada make sure you send her my way.

Paladin said...

Its never too late to learn. I say Go For It, Cal.

Ok... maybe wait until lesson two or three before you do the jumping stuff, but otherwise Go for IT! :)

Kal said...

Someone my age should know better than to risk my hip just trying to impress some immigrant girls.