Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Russia, Your Space Program Is KILLING Me!

When you are the only country that can put people into space you would think that there would be no way that something like this could happen. There should be redundancies upon redundancies to cover for human error but once again Russia fails to hold up their end of the deal. No wonder they never got to the moon. I am concerned because Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield is on the station. I would hate to see him and everyone else stuck there because Russia can't get their shit together long enough to save them if something catastrophic happens.

Follow the link to read the article. It's fascinating to me.

While doing repair work on the Shchyolkovsky Highway outside of Moscow, a construction team severed a cable. And it turned out, unfortunately, to be the cable -- the one linking Moscow's Mission Control to the nation's extraterrestrial vehicles and workers.
And, yes, the one cable. One cable cut, and a country's ability to communicate with its space infrastructure is severed, as well.


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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Doh! that's really dumb i admit, but as you said, they never got to the moon. are we surprised?