Saturday, October 26, 2013


Only in this world can 60 year old Danny Trejo still fight the bad guys and get the girls in this teen age male fantasy gonzo epic from Director Robert Rodriquez. From the beginning this movie tries to out do itself and for the most part it does. Of course you have to suspend SOME disbelief when the guy in the Luchador Mask kills Jessica Alba with a ray gun but leaves Machete alive. You never leave Machete alive. Everyone knows that.

Everyone also knows that Machete don't text and Machete don't tweet. And he can't be hung either. Logic be damn. This is Machete dammit!

Then President Charlie Sheen calls. Hot damn, now we gots us a picture...or something resembling a movie. Personally I dug every second of it because as you know every high concept deserves a full retard execution. This film is the poster child for my philosophy of film success.

This is so obviously a vanity project with Robert Rodriquez gathering all his friends together to made the goofiest movie they can. In that way it's undisciplined and made on the cheap but the effect are fun as are the stunts and script had a high giggle factor.

Lady Gaga, waste of time but then again are all the other assassins gathered to kill Machete. I do love me some stunt casting though and I am glad they didn't push it too far. Each character gets one moment to shine and we move on.
Emian Bichir is great as a crazy bi polar Mexican revolutionary with a missile reminds me so much of Sam Rockwell that they should have gotten Sam for the role.

It's a weird ride but a GREAT ending. I can't wait for the sequel to the sequel.

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